Amazing Success Stories

“I want to really thank you for taking the time to always find the best things out for me. You have been an amazing friend/ agent finding great deals and opportunities here. I hope to make Many more deals together !!”

Expert Agent

“Gonzalo listed and sold my 27 Hectares finca. He had it listed and sold within 2 Months. He is dedicated and does a great job. If you are looking who to list with and want someone that will give you a personal treatment you found it. Thank you Gonzalo !”

Helped me Sell my 27 Hectare Property Fast and for a Good Price !

“"After months and months of searching and viewing dozens of properties, we were fortunate enough to have Gonzalo Huarcaya from Amigo Realty by our side. Gonzalo's dedication and tireless efforts led us to finally find the property we had been dreaming of. His knowledge of the local market, combined with his patience and understanding of our needs, made the entire process enjoyable. We couldn't be happier with our purchase, and we highly recommend Gonzalo for his expertise and commitment. Thank you, Gonzalo, for making our dream a reality!"”

Knowledgeable and Very Patient, Highly Recommended !!

“"I recently had the pleasure of working with Gonzalo Huarcaya at Amigo Realty in Playa Grande, Guanacaste, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Gonzalo's expertise and guidance were invaluable as he helped me find and negotiate the perfect lot for my dream home. His professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent communication made the entire process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend Gonzalo for anyone looking to purchase real estate in the Playa Grande area. Thank you, Gonzalo!"”

Smooth Lot Purchase Experience!

“"Nova...what can I say? I adore her to pieces because she's a genuine person that wholeheartedly works at her fullest capacity to help our smooth transactions... She works as if you are her ONLY client; however, we know she has many and is extremely busy!!! I was absolutely wowed by her diligence and work ethics... She is honest, personable, and very knowledgeable.. Nova works with the buyer as well as the seller where it makes it easy for both parties at each step. We are now first time land owners thanks to her!!! I can't be any happier working with such a wonderful and professional real estate agent as a first-time land buyer/owner... We so enjoyed the time spent with her while viewing other properties, so much so that we tried many times to get together to surf/boogie board... Next time!"”

“"I worked with Nova for a year before we managed to go to Costa Rica in search of a house. Before we arrived, Nova had a very clear picture of the property we were looking for as we had a good amount of communication and she asked every question needed in order to be able to locate what we were looking for. When we finally met, she had a good list of properties for us and they were in all price ranges in order to give us a good idea and understanding of the market. Nova was very patient in understanding our needs, she made sure to facilitate between the parties as quickly as possible as we were in a place to close a deal. Being from Europe and trying to buy a property so far away, it is important to have someone local that is as helpful as she is, we were sure she can deal with the daily issues on closing the purchase. We found a great property at a good price and we will keep her on board managing the rental for us."”

“"I wholeheartedly recommend Nova as a realtor for anyone interested in Costa Rica real estate. She gave us so much help starting with all the research even before our visit so that we could view available properties online before our arrival. She was a real trooper and listened to our needs and wants as far as properties and residences. I know it was difficult dealing with us since it had been twenty years since my last visit to CR , and our requirements are impacted by health issues and dogs, I felt she did a good job finding appropriate properties to view. We enjoyed our visit and appreciated all the time she devoted to us."”

“"We have a large house in Playa Grande named Casa Serena , front line beach with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, swimming pool and a large plot of land, with all the facilities to be able to entertain families, groups , cocktails, weddings , etc. Nova and Heinz are responsible for the maintenance and rentals and control the personnel in the property to make holidays there a great moment. Our experience with Amigo Realty is excellent as they are in permanent contact with us to inform on matters, upgrade the property, take care of any repairs needed, check that everything is in order upon arrival of tenants, explain to them in details how everything works in the house and offer a service for cooking and maid service with the 2 members of the staff on site which makes clients repeat every year the holidays at Casa Serena. Sincerely a great and amicable experience we strongly recommend.”

“"I have known Heinz and Nova for 6 years now. I started as a real estate customer, and the relationship turned into a friendship. I have spent my last 3 Christmas holidays in Playa Grande celebrating with them both. On a business side I have found them both to be professional, knowledgable and informed. All my business with them has been pleasurable."”

“"Nova is by far the best of many realtors I have worked with. She provided me with personalized attention and helped me through all parts of the complicated buying process. From touring properties, to interviewing bankers and meeting lawyers, she was with me every step of the way. She is unbelievably patient and helpful, and she is very knowledgeable. She went above and beyond the call of duty on innumerable occasions and made sure to find me the best property on the market in my price range. She then proceeded to negotiate a great deal for me. Furthermore, she has continued to help me after the close of escrow. And to top it off, she is a lot of fun to work with!"”

“"I have had the pleasure of working with Heinz on a number of occasions on Real Estate endeavors. He is really a joy to do business with as he is always personable, reliable, and knowledgeable. He is extremely polite and respectful but also fun and easy going while interacting with clients and customers. He is always on time and has all the facts about the individual properties and does a nice job of showing the real estate and flowing with the prospects. He understands the financial aspects of RE as well as the locational information and details regarding all legal aspects of the purchase process. Heinz would be an asset to any Real Estate company and can work well with all personality types. I look forward to my next joint effort with him."”

“"Nova Everson helped us a lot finding the right house in Guanacaste. She has very good contacts and was involved with us just by listening and watching she got a very good feeling about what we were really looking for. She spent loads of effort showing us several properties, explaining advantages as well as disadvantages. Finally we found exactly what we were looking for. We are very happy with the premises - right location and right price "We found Nova to be professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, easy to work with and always available. She made an otherwise scary and stressful venture easy and even fun. She held our hand through all aspects of the house buying process. Nova covered all the bases, watched out for our interests, and was by our side from the beginning of our search to the day we sat down to sign the escrow papers. I have worked with many other Realtors and I have never before experienced such wonderful treatment. Your company did such a good job during the purchasing process that we contracted them to manage the vacation rentals."”

““Playa Grande is my favorite beach and it has always been a dream to own a piece of property around the area. I went on that quest last year, and that’s when I met Nova and Heinz, not only are they wonderful people and great friends, but excellent real estate professionals. I explained to Heinz what I wanted and within days he had already planned a property tour for me as a first step towards the main goal. When I finally decided on the property, he managed the negotiations, contracts, etc. in order to have a smooth deal! Today I can say that it’s been one of my best investments thus far. Currently Nova and Heinz help me with my vacation rentals on the house with a great deal of attention and expertise. If you want to buy, rent, or sell in Guanacaste these are your guys.” Fabricio Riggioni, San Jose, Costa Rica "Nova and Heinz were great to work with. With a vast and intimate knowledge of the area there was nothing they could not provide or obtain for us. Even through an injury in our party they knew the perfect healer - saving our trip from total loss - and always there with a smile. I look forward to my return and knowing that Nova & Heinz will be there for us every step of the way!"”

“"I am pleased to confirm Heinz Pflug is an accredited agent for our financing company, authorised to collect information & intoroduce prospective clients for purposes of commercial secured lending business throughout Costa Rica with special focus upon The Guanacaste region. We enjoy a close & productive working relationship together with multiple ongoing projects over $1M constantly in the pipeline & being closed. We have been particularly impressed with the quality of introductions received & the encylopaedic knowledge possessed by Heinz of his local area, together with his total reliability, integrity & prompt attention to clients & ourselves facilitating good business for all parties."”

“"I just wanted to thank Heinz and Nova for their hard work, and time devoted to make Rancho Privado a better place in all. Its always nice having Amigo Reality assist us with our needs and providing support for all situations regarding our rental reservations. Again, thank you for all the great and hard work. We look forward to contine the same relationship for 2013."”

“"Nova, I want to thank you for helping us find the ocean view lot of our dreams. We couldn't be happier!!! It is more amazing than we could have ever imagined. We know you always had our best interest in mind and we can't thank you enough for that. You were very efficient from the beginning to the end. And we will be more than happy to send future clients your way. Thanks again for everything!! Hope to see you in the water in Playa Grande soon :)"”

“"I had been looking at property for quiet a while but one day I decided to contact Nova at Amigo Realty. It was a really good decision since Nova was really knowledgable and helped me find what I was looking for. Nova will not only be your real estate agent she will also be your friend and help you with every step that you have to go through. She is very professional and friendly and she made my dream come true by finding my dream lot. Thanks again to Amigo Realty and especially Nova for making buying land in Costa Rica so easy."”

“"Working with Nova, at Amigo Realty, has been really easy for us. She is professional and follows up on every detail to make both parties comfortable and close the deal. We are looking forward to keep on working with her."”

“"I'd like to give credit to Nova Everson at Amigo Realty for my recent purchase of a lot in Playa Grande, everything went well, without problems or delays. I'd like to thank you for the help that you gave me from showing me the land, obtaining the documents needed, permits, maps and everything I needed. I hope that you continue to help other clients and I would be pleased to recommend you."”

“"My family recently purchased a home in Playa Grande with Nova's help. We worked with her for over a year, viewing properties each time we visited Costa Rica. She always took the time to show us around. She was very knowledgeable about the area and had many different properties for us to view each time. When we decided on a house, she helped us with all the negotiations, closing details etc. She has been great with helping us find the best people to help us, from lawyers to home improvements and maintenance. She is hard working, honest and lots of fun too! We are so impressed with her hard work and professionalism we have asked her to manage our home. Nova and her husband Heinz make a great team at Amigo Realty and we are looking forward to working (and surfing!) with them in the future."”

“"Nova and her business were super fast and effective at finding us the lot of our dreams. Great service, professional work ethics and friendly. If you are serious about buying property in the area, we highly recommend Amigo Realty."”

“"Amigo Realty has sold many of our Costa Rica Playa Grande properties. Their proximity to the Playa Grande area gives them great access to buyers and sellers, and the local knowledge it takes to close the sale quickly and easily."”

“"Dear Nova, We're very grateful to you for finding the property of our dreams. You made everything go so smoothly and kept with us until the closing. You're a fantastic real estate agent. Thank you."”

“"Professionalism, persistence and patience. Nova and her husband Heinz Otto did a great job to help me find two properties; a rental income house and a vacant lot to build our dream house. Nova was able to hold the seller to his promise and find him a suitable replacement property to invest in as well. It was really incredible how everyone came out winning in quite a complicated transaction. Afterwards, Nova introduced me to the right contractor who remodeled the house, and I'm so happy with my purchase! It's not like buying in the US, you really need trusted friends which you will find in Amigo Realty."”

“"Amigo Realty is certainly one of the best around -- they are always the first call I make when en route to Costa Rica, and they've provided me and my team impeccable service for 8+ years. I've been a tough customer over and over again (with multiple teams and complicated arrangements), but their positive attitude has never wavered. They are some of hardest working professionals I've known, and I'm genuinely thankful to have Amigo Realty in my life. I look forward to continuing our relationship far into the future."”

“"Thank you, Nova & Heinz. You made it a very easy and good experience buying property in Costa Rica. You found me a great deal on a beautiful piece of land near the beach where I love to surf. You connected me to the right attorney, and continue to help me after closing to fence the property and plant trees. I am very happy with your service."”

“" We are so thankful that we finally found Nova and her team at Amigo Realty. The past year has been amazing working together with her, while we were in New York she helped us get the house back in good shape and lifted the rental revenues higher than they’ve been in years! We would highly recommend Nova and Amigo Realty for property management, they are hard working, honest, transparent, and easy to work with. It’s a huge responsibility to take care of a rental income property, and it’s refreshing to know that Nova has the experience and knowledge it takes to get things done. You are in good hands with Amigo Realty.””

“"Dear Nova, I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you put into getting my house sold in Palm Beach Estates. It was a long process being that the original purchasers backed out but you stuck in their all the way. You were patient and comforting to me it was appreciated. Every thing was handled in a first class professional way. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you and your family."”

“"Property sale by Chantal Batter. From the beginning she was interested in gathering all the information of the entire property. Any doubt I had it was immediately answered by her. All the time she was updating me about the interest of each potential client. At the end of the process she closed the deal with no hesitation, and both, seller and buyer were happy with it. Thank you to Chantal and the company she represents for all their help in this process.”