Co-Brokerage and Referrals

A Summary of How We Work with Third Parties:

Real Estate works a little differently in Costa Rica than in the United States, it can seem like the Wild West sometimes, with no regulations or rules to abide by. Since there’s no real MLS (multiple listing service) enforced by the government, it can be a lot more challenging to be a good sales agent here, you have to search out valid market information on your own and a lot of it comes through years of experience doing business here.

Even though there are few real estate practice laws that are enforced here, and you do not need to be licenced to sell real estate in Costa Rica, there still are standard practices that most people who are working in real estate professionally accept as ethical and normal practices.

In order to avoid any missunderstandings, we’d like to outline Amigo Realty’s commission structure policies, which we beleive are the standard practices generally accepted by the majority of established real estate professionals here.

At Amigo Realty we are happy to split commissions with other realtors who work together with us for a sale. In certain cases, individuals who are not Realtors working the industry but anyone working a normal job can also receive commissions for referring clients to us. Here’s a brief explaination of the difference between the two scenarios.


For Real Estate Agents who accompany the client through the showings as well as every step of the negotiations up until closing, splitting the work equally, will entitle them to a 50% split of the commission.


Anyone who refers a client (Real Estate Agent or not), but isn’t involved in the sale process can receive from 5% to 25% of the commission, based on the amount of work put into helping the sale (referral fee). For instance, just a name and an email address will entitle you to 5 – 10% of the commission, and for more information about what the client is looking for, if they’re ready to buy, making the sale easier, it can be up to 25% of the commission.

General Rules:

We’ll need the client’s full name so we can check to make sure that they haven’t already contacted us. If the client is not already working with us, we’ll confirm with you and negotiate a fair commission split to be on the same page and know what to expect if they buy or sell through us.

Contacting the clients again without our knowledge or contacting sellers directly without notifying us could disqualify you from receiving a commission. In order to work together we need to have transparency in all our business afairs.

In Closing:

If you know anyone who is interested in buying or selling, register them with us, and we’ll contact them and do our best to try to help them with their goals. At the time of closing we’ll gladly pay you a commission and celebrate together!